The Weaver

Smart and curious. There are no rules - only objectives and goals

9% The Weaver.


  • Business Development Strategist
  • Sales manager
  • Project manager
  • Financial Planner & Analyst
  • Marketing Strategist

Insightful Mind

Weavers are incredibly adept at noticing when things change and initiate changes when they are needed. Always questioning the decisions of others to offer their opinion and help. They’re able to read people like a book and use this to create connections with others.

Social Talent

Weavers are able to make connections easily. They rarely feel like they do not belong and make natural group leaders. Weavers are able to make excellent use of every social interaction. Networking opportunities come quite naturally.


Weavers hate to be bossed around. They usually think that their ideas are the best and don’t leave much room for the input of others. They’ll gladly listen to the opinion of others but will rarely change their plans.